I get to express myself through writing but, for my message to be received it has to be delivered in a way that it can be heard.  Deb is gifted with an understandingof how each word will sound to the reader.  She's articulate in being sure the reader can feel the message come through each page.  It's easy to get lost in the creativity, so I am grateful for the keen ability to stay focused and on track to the end goal.  Deb has worked tirelessly for many authors and it's nothing short of greatness to have someone on your team that fully supports turning a dream into a comfortable flow of manageable steps.

Leigh Burton
Unchain Me - Amazon International Best Selling Author, International Speaker, and a spotlight writer for OM Times Magazine 

Working with Deborah was an absolute pleasure. I was resistant towards writing my story as I would have to revisit some old traumas. When I worked with Deborah she was compassionate and patient with helping me find the right words to describe my story. Now I am so glad that I got that story out! As a result, I am now a number 1 international bestselling author. Thanks, Deborah.

Cherene Francis
International Television Host, Producer, Personal Branding Strategist, Business Coach and #1 International Bestselling 


I worked with Deborah on a writing project on an emotionally sensitive topic where she was my editor and writing coach.  She was able to balance being compassionate and empathetic while providing strong direction, framework and structure to the project until completion. Deborah was a delight to work with!  

Amy Kwok
Author – Standing Strong – EWTS Vol 4 Leap 

Deborah is the best thing to happen to my writing. She takes the time to really understand her client’s message and does everything she can to stay true to the authenticity of your story. She guides you through the editing process effortlessly. She is simply amazing.

Onika Dainty 
Author, Podcaster & Creative Writer 

I met Deborah through Empowering Women to Succeed, my book was finally finished I wanted another set of eyes to read it and give me feedback for any errors in grammar etc.
Deborah was totally amazing, she is focused and on time with getting the book back to me for review.  I strongly recommend Deborah she is professional and awesome at what she does.

Laura Avolese – Breaking Barriers
Author, Speaker, Coach 


I have had my editing done by Deborah Ferdinand and it was a joyful experience. She made it easy to understand her role as an editor and it was a big release to have someone with extensive experience make your written content look and sound professional for my target audience. 

Celeste London
Nutritional Consultant - Diabetes2Nutrution
Author of Diabetes 2 Nutrition
And Healing My Broken Spirit: Rejuvenate, Restore, Redefine You!