Why consider using Creative Consulting Services; as an experienced individual in various industries, levels of b2b sales with the opportunity to observe and document processes and changes, I saw firsthand how implementing low cost value added tools can help simplify the work environment and set a standard of performance.

We are professional specialist in documenting manuals and processes, while you may feel you can document and produce your own manual, think of the cost of your time or an employees' time away from daily functions, or you may not have the expertise or objectivity. 

We can simplify the process for a fraction of the price of having a full time expert on staff.

Bad Content will cost you money; good content will save you money.


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Value Overall well documented and written manuals and handbooks will save you money in the long run if you were to expand, sell or duplicate your business. Procedure Manuals will assist in the training of new employees and if your business requires temporary staff a  desk procedure manual is imperative, you will save time instructing and you will ensure consistency and accuracy while maintaining your business's standard of excellence. 

Documentation of your procedures and processes will add Value to your business and provide you with an indispensable Risk Management tool while eliminating doubt and inconsistencies among your staff. 

Customized forms, communication templates and website content will assist you in clearly communicating your Brand to your clients and market.

A successful business can come to an end if all the operations and processes are locked in the owner-manager's head, this is something to consider.


Our Client; As an owner-manager do you feel you do not have enough time to perform those strategic functions,such as sales and administration for your business? Are you devoting ample time to thinking, planning and growing your business or is your time consumed by putting out fires, answering questions or giving directions to your staff? This situation typically happens when you, the owner-manager is the company's operation manual.

If you as the owner has to "do everything" for it to be done "right", your business may not grow beyond what you can do to sustain it. By creating systems and processes that are documented in Operations Manuals you can grow your business in a sustainable way. 

A key to a business's success is a well documented and written Operation Manual.

Why should every business have an operations manual? You do not have to be a Fortune 500 company to possess operations manuals, in fact it should be an integral part of any business's documentation of systems and processes for your business to grow in a healthy and sustainable way.

Manufacturers, Service Industry, Franchises, Health Clubs , Restaurants; what business cannot afford to have an Operation Manual?

Helping You Create and Maintain a Standard of Excellence in Your Business 

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